Coffee Table Art Books, every law office waiting room needs one. Free Tibet is about Civil Rights from the perspective of street smart critters.

FREE TIBET available at blurb.com

Fact Based (scary) Stories of Outrage and  FUN IN THE BOROGROVES

Radical Reconstruction Fine Art, Twelve Years of Selected Articles from LAYOVER REVIEW: The newsletter for kids, of all ages, from a birds-eye view. Be a part of cutting edge controversy: We use bad words! And we call the police names! Nudity! Illustrated by Carolyn Phillips – Written in circular time. CF Hill, Publisher: Twelve years, in twelve volumes: 440 pages each.  Turn Someone Isolated into Someone Connected! $550 or less.

About the Author

Carolyn Phillips attended The Maryland Institute of Art, and the San Francisco Art Institute, as a representational painter. “I try to stay off of the radar, at places like that, but I was registered, so, they knew: they want to grant you degrees, and that sort of thing, it’s annoying, but, it gives meaning to their purposeless existence. Worse yet; I went to Mills.” Phillip’s work is in The National Gallery DC, The Museum of Modern Art, the Rothschild’s Private Collection, The Wood Family Trust, and the C.F. Hill Collection.

You’ll recognize police officers who you’ve encountered, mirrored in their doppelganger animal images.

You might see some proselytizers, some sarcasm, and a lot of livid rants,that translate well from ‘Animal,’ into English. Most of all you will see the stories that your mother should have told you; to keep you from reinventing the wheel, and from saving the world when it least needed it. “The radical reconstruction of children’s books is long over due.” -C.F. Hill

Turn Someone Isolated into Someone Connected

Spiders: They claim that we need them, to keep the wilds safe and secure, from evil attackers who would ravage our peaceful Bugosphere. But, are they donning white hats just for a paycheck? They say that they put themselves between danger and our capital, to protect us. But, without a paycheck and perks, you won’t see them catching a single stinkbug: how many innocent bees have been inadvertently, or even deliberately, snagged, in their webs? Job security? They have the media on speed dial, “Hey, everybody, look at me, I’m a hero, my web is full of pests!” Read on; enter the gauntlet, if you dare! -Bag Lady


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